estate administration

It is an emotional and stressful time when a loved one passes away and you are appointed as Executor of an estate.

Our experienced team assists executors to administer estates in accordance with the deceased’s wishes. We ensure the estate is administered in a timely fashion and the executors are legally protected against any personal liability that may arise from their appointment.

Our team can assist you with the following during the administration process:

  • Interpreting the Will of the deceased in terms of estate laws.
  • Assist administrators in obtaining grants of representation when there is no will and distributing the estate funds in accordance with the laws of intestacy.
  • Informing government bodies including Centrelink and Veterans Affairs.
  • Applying for Letters of Administration (if the Will is deemed invalid or is absent).
  • Assisting in obtaining probate from the Supreme Court.
  • Gathering and liquidating assets such as real property, bank funds, shares and outstanding loans and insurance payouts.
  • Dealing with financial institutions and discharging all debts.
  • If necessary, claiming Superannuation payments.
  • Gathering all the information required for the estate’s tax return.
  • Administering trust funds.
  • Advising in regards to family and testamentary trusts.

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