What is estate planning?

Security, Peace of Mind & Protection

By making a Will you can ensure peace of mind and the security that your loved ones’ interests will be protected at a time of emotional distress. Having a Will and a considered Estate Plan eliminates uncertainty and maximises the value of the estate. This provides your loved ones with the financial security they need at a time when it is needed most. Our estate lawyers can assist with preparation of your Will and Estate Plan for either modest or complex estates. We are conscious of issues that matter like the guardianship of your children, and we make sure that your estate plan protects your family from unnecessary financial and legal issues.

Our estate lawyers can help you with:

  • Drafting a Will that ensures your family’s inheritance is protected from family breakdown and creditors.
  • Assisting you with setting up a testamentary discretionary trust in your will that may assist with asset protection and tax minimisation.
  • Implementing strategies to minimise the chance of litigation against an estate.
  • Understanding Estate and Probate laws;
  • Advising you when choosing your executors and guardians;
  • Structure your estate to minimise the tax your estate and/or beneficiaries may be liable for.

Planning for Incapacity

It is also important to consider having a well considered Enduring Power of Attorney. That is, if you are incapacitated, someone you can trust can step into your shoes and make decisions for you, e.g. decisions on financial or health matters such as the type of medical treatment you receive.

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