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Contest a Will in QLD

Do you need to contest a will in QLD? You do not have to feel alone or powerless. Although these circumstances can sometimes be complex, we can help find a way to correct them.

If you are unsure you have a case, we offer a No Obligation FREE Consultation to find out more about your personal situation. Get peace of mind by speaking to our experienced Estate Litigation Lawyers today.

Reasons for contesting a will

If you are dissatisfied with the terms of a will, or if the deceased did not have a will and we can apply to the Court for ‘proper maintenance and support’ from the estate. The circumstances that give rise to a claim typically include:

  • You have been left out of a will.
  • You have not received what you thought you were entitled to.
  • You have not received what you were promised.
Contesting a Will in Qld
Contesting a Will in Qld, can be stressful; and with only 6 months from the date of death to gather and submit your court documents it can seem daunting. That’s why we have a No Win, No Fee option to reduce the financial stress. Contact Us today to discover your options.

Grounds for contesting a will in QLD

If you have any of these concerns you should contact our Will Dispute Lawyers to investigate the possibility of you being able to contest a will:

  • There is doubt over the validity of the will;
  • If the will-maker was unduly influenced when making or updating a will;
  • You feel you haven’t been adequately provided for in the will;
  • You didn’t receive what you were promised from a will.

Why we are your recommended Estate Lawyer in QLD

O’Connor, Ruddy and Garrett Solicitors have been servicing QLD for well over 80 years.

  • We are experienced in different types of Estate Disputes and will help you get what you are entitled to.
  • As both the sword and the shield; we assist in bringing successful claims against wills and estates, but also successfully defend unnecessary applications brought against an estate.
  • We are big enough to take on any case in Queensland but still have the personal touch of a small family business.

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