Contest a Will in QLD.

If you feel like you’ve been unfairly left out of a will, missed out on what you thought you were entitled to, or have not received what you were promised — know that our Contest a Will and Dispute Lawyers are here for you

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If you believe you’ve unfairly been left out of a Will, you may be able to contest the Will. However, before you can challenge or contest a Will, it is important to establish whether you are eligible or not. Our No Obligation FREE Claim Assessment can confirm this for you

Gain peace of mind knowing we offer a No Win No Fee* option.

    Why Choose Us To Help You Contest A Will?

    Experience In Estate Litigation

    From our many years of experience we know how to be a shoulder to lean on. But we also know how to equip you in gaining control over unfair and unjust circumstances. When you’re feeling confused and upset, we can bring a measure of relief.

    Represented By Professionals

    When you are represented by our team of professional Wills and Estate Lawyers you know you are in safe hands. We have proudly helped many Brisbane and Southeast Queenslanders in contesting wills and challenging estates — as far back as 1928.

    Protecting What’s Rightfully Yours

    Our highly experienced Wills and Estate solicitors with a proven track record in Estate Litigation. Our team will establish the foundation for your best outcome, protecting what is rightfully yours and restoring justice. We will take time to explain the estate dispute process, as tailored to your case.

    When it is time to Dispute a Will, how does the process of Contesting A Will Work?

    Chris O’Connor is an experienced Wills and Estates Lawyer; in the video he runs through the 5 things to know before Contesting a Will.

    Quite understandably, some people are concerned about what might pop out of the woodwork in the process of taking legal action. And, a common enough question is: is it worth Contesting a Will?

    If the expected long-term benefits of contesting a will — including a sense of solace — outweigh the time, effort and cost (in applying a no-win, no-fee arrangement your legal costs will be covered by your compensation amount) then you should feel confident in going ahead with the process.

    We provide full disclosure, as we believe clearing up any doubts in your mind ultimately empowers you to do what is only just and right.

    The Process Of Contesting A Will

    Legal Action

    Contact our experienced legal team to instigate the process of legal action. Our lawyers can help you weigh up your options to establish the likelihood of success. This is in order to save you any unnecessary emotional and financial toll in challenging a will.

    Case Review
    And Application

    Discuss the facts of your case with our highly experienced team. We will guide you in preparing your evidence eg. financials and any facts that can prove the deceased responsibility to you. Your application to the Court will follow.

    Negotiation And
    Resolution Of Your Case

    We handle the negotiation process for you. You will always feel supported and never alone. Our experience in Estate Litigation allows us to gain an edge in negotiating the maximum outcome for your case.

    Our Promise To You

    Best Lawyer 2024

    A commitment to act in a way that is transparent, attentive and determined is our promise to you. O’Connor, Ruddy and Garrett Solicitors offers specific advantages as part of our service guarantee:

    • No-win, no-fee arrangement option. *conditions apply.
    • FREE claim assessment.
    • Dedicated and caring legal support.
    • Full disclosure about your best outcome.

    Free Initial Consultation – Contesting a Will

    If you are uncertain if you have a case to Dispute or Contest a Will, O’Connor Ruddy and Garrett Solicitors can help you understand your options and the best course of action.

    We provide an initial consultation at absolutely No cost or Obligation to you. We help establish the basis for your case so you know where you stand. Plus, we offer a no-win, no-fee option. *conditions apply.

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