Estate Disputes

Successful estate litigation calls for Brisbane's trusted team of Estates and Wills Disputes Lawyers at O'Connor, Ruddy and Garrett. Our experienced and compassionate wills and estates disputes lawyers will put you at ease; helping you to understand your rights when contesting a will or in seeking legal advice and representation for any other form of estate dispute.
The Succession Act 1981 in Queensland provides that if someone is dissatisfied with the terms of a will, or if the deceased did not have a will and someone thinks the rules of intestacy are unfair, they can apply to the Court for 'proper maintenance and support' from the estate.
A mutual will is an agreement between two will makers where they basically decide that neither of them will change their will without the other person's consent. It can be in writing or by verbal agreement.
Unfortunately, people do not always conduct themselves lawfully when appointed as a person's Power of Attorney. For example, taking money from those they owe a duty of care, for their own benefit.
Undue influence is where pressure or coercion is applied to a will maker which results in the will maker leaving a will that does not reflect their wishes.

Need a Copy of a Will?

If you need a copy of a Will and/or are seeking legal advice, the team at O'Connor Rudy and Garrett can assist you. We will contact you to confirm additional details and then organise contacting the required parties to secure a copy of the Will for you.