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Commercial Conveyancing

Why might you need the professional services of experienced Commercial Conveyancing Solicitors? If you’re buying or selling a business your next steps will require careful planning and consideration. This necessitates legal protection, guidance and advice.

Advice from Commercial Conveyancing Solicitors to ensure a sound contract

A properly worded contract and advice before signing a contract will help to protect your rights and avoid any legal pitfalls, including in some circumstances minimising paying government charges, stamp duty and GST.

How ORG Lawyers are able to assist you

We are able to assist you in:

  • Pre-contract negotiations including general advice regarding GST and Capital Gains Tax issues;
  • Drafting purchase/sale contracts;
  • Due diligence enquiries through to completion of the sale/purchase;
  • Franchising Agreements;
  • All general business acquisitions or sales including share sales and acquisitions.

It is important to ensure you seek legal advice before you sign a contract. Once a contract is signed it is much harder to negotiate any changes to protect your interests.

Why not contact our team of Conveyancing Solicitors in Brisbane, to help you take care of all the legal protocols in making the right moves in business ownership, today?

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Buying or selling a business is a big decision and we can help you

  • Assistance with the contract review process and other considerations
  • We protect your rights and help avoid legal pitfalls
  • Minimise paying government charges, stamp duty and GST wherever possible