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Considering the future of your loved ones and assets is crucial, and having knowledgeable Wills and Estate Lawyers can make this process smoother. While your Will is the primary part of your Estate plan, many more elements are often involved, especially if you own a business or significant assets.

ORG Solicitors is one of the most trusted law firms with extensive experience and knowledge in Wills and Estates QLD. You can rely on us to:

  • Equip you with valuable expertise and advice tailored to your unique situation
  • Ensure you know your rights and responsibilities when writing your Will and Estate Plan
  • Provide pragmatic, compassionate support and representation
  • Offer comprehensive, cost-effective strategies to protect your legacy in all scenarios
  • Ensure your Will is fully comprehensive and legally binding
  • Name executors and trustees who will distribute your Estate accordingly
  • Reduce Estate and inheritance taxes left for your loved ones to pay

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Wills and Estate Lawyers Services

It is important you have an up-to-date will and Estate Plan in place throughout your life. We have simplified the process to ensure your wishes are implemented and respected.
Simply putting a will together doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be contested once you have passed away. By implementing tailored strategies, you can ensure that your estate is protected and distributed as you intend.
A good succession plan for any business will ensure a smooth transition from one owner to another.
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Why choose ORG?

Since 1928, our Wills and Estate Lawyers in Brisbane have helped South East Queenslanders with Estate Planning, Will Disputes and more. We have worked with all walks of life and pride ourselves on taking the time to understand your situation. As a smaller, personalised law firm, we take the time to understand your situation to provide the most positive, cost-effective solution.

  • FREE initial consultation for Wills and Estate

    FREE initial consultation

  • Dedicated and caring legal support

    Dedicated and caring legal support

  • Cost-effective, personalised service

    Cost-effective, personalised service

  • Proven experience in all areas of Wills and Estates QLD

    Proven experience in all areas of Wills and Estates QLD


Do I need a will?

Having a will ensures that your assets are distributed according to your wishes after your death. Since a will provides clarity and guidance for the management of your estate, having your will and estate plan prepared by an experienced solicitor can identify the potential risks of a dispute arising, and, if so, suggest a strategy to eliminate or minimise that risk.

What happens if I die without a will?

If you die without a will, your assets will be distributed according to the laws of intestacy. This might not align with your personal wishes and can lead to complications for your loved ones or your preferred beneficiaries.

Can I write my own will?

While it is legally permissible to write your own will, it’s advisable to seek professional advice from Brisbane wills and estate lawyers such as those at ORG. This ensures that the will is valid and effectively prevents or minimises potential legal challenges after your death.

How do I make a claim against an estate?

To make a claim against an estate, you typically need to prove your eligibility under family provision laws and file a claim within a specific timeframe. It’s recommended that this is done under the guidance of Brisbane estate lawyers in order to provide you with proper legal advice.

What assets should be included in my will?

Assets owned in your own name are dealt with in a will. Typically these include significant assets like real estate, bank accounts, investments, personal possessions, and other such important or delicate assets that need clear instructions on how to be handled to ensure your wishes are carried out.

How can I protect my will from being challenged?

To protect your will from being challenged, it’s important to ensure that it’s properly drafted, witnessed, and written with clear, unambiguous instructions. Regular updates and professional guidance from professional Brisbane estate planning lawyers such as those at ORG can also strengthen the will against disputes.

What are estate dispute lawyers?

Estate lawyers assist parties during the administration of a deceased estate. Brisbane estate dispute lawyers, like those at ORG, are skilled in navigating complex familial and financial issues that can occur when wills or estates are contested.

Their role is to provide expert legal advice, represent clients in court, and work towards resolutions that respect the deceased’s wishes while ensuring fairness to all parties involved. Estate lawyers usually handle cases involving will challenges, disputes among beneficiaries, claims against estates, and other related legal matters in Brisbane estate litigation.

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Need a Copy of a Will?

If you need a copy of a Will and/or are seeking legal advice, the team at O'Connor Rudy and Garrett can assist you. We will contact you to confirm additional details and then organise contacting the required parties to secure a copy of the Will for you.