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This website is hosted on a server in Queensland, Australia.  Your use of this website is subject to the laws of Queensland, these terms and conditions, and our privacy policy.  We make no representations that the materials and information contained on our website are appropriate for use in other locations.  If any dispute arises regarding the use of our website, you submit to the jurisdiction of Queensland, Australia.  Where you access this website from any other jurisdiction, you are responsible for compliance with the laws of that jurisdiction.


No Legal Relationship

The material and information on our website is intended only to summarise and provide general information concerning matters of interest and the work that we do.  Unless otherwise agreed by us in writing, the use of our website does not constitute an offer to provide any services, and does not create any solicitor/client relationship between you and us.


Website Material

Unless stated otherwise, we maintain and retain copyright in the materials and information contained on our website, and your use of that material and information is limited as provided in the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth).


Further, except as required by law, we do not assume any duty of care in relation to the materials and information accessible from our website (including information that may be placed by third parties).  The materials and information contained on our website are general in nature and expressly do not constitute legal advice to any person.  You should satisfy yourself of the accuracy and reliability of the materials and information appearing on our website, such as through independent inquiries and advice.  We make no warranties with respect to the website materials and information, such as (but not limited to) that it is complete, up-to-date, suitable to you or accessibility.  We maintain full editorial control over the website materials and information, and may change it any time in our sole discretion.


Any information you transmit to or from our website is transmitted at your own risk.  You must not violate or attempt to violate any aspect of the security of our website (such violation being unlawful and rendering you potentially liable to criminal prosecution).  If you become aware of any security issues with the website, you must inform us immediately.


Links to Third-Party Websites

Our website may contain links to third-party websites.  Those links are provided for convenience only, and may not be maintained.  We do not warrant or endorse any material appears on a third-party website as being accurate, up-to-date, reliable, or otherwise suitable to you.  We are not responsible for any content contained on, or the privacy practices of, any third-party websites, and do not make any representations as to those websites being free from computer viruses or malware.  The contents of any third-party websites are matters outside our control and you must exercise your own judgment in deciding whether to access any links to, or on, any third-party websites.


Limitation of Liability, Disclaimer & Indemnity

Your access to, and use of, any materials or information on our website is entirely at your own risk.  We assume no duty of care to you in relation to our website or the information and materials appearing on our website.  To the maximum extent permitted by law, you release us completely from any and all liability to any person for loss or damages (however caused, including negligence) related to the use of and access to our website.  Where it is unlawful to so exclude liability, then you agree that our liability is capped by our re-supplying the information to you, or $1.00.  Further, you agree to indemnify us in relation to any liability incurred and for any damage, cost or expense (whether direct or indirect) caused by your use of this website, any information that you provide to us via this website or any damage that you may cause to this website.



We will deal with any of your personal information collected by use of our website in accordance with our Privacy Policy.  We may vary these Terms and Conditions from time to time, without notice to any person.  Changes are of immediate effect upon publication on our website.  If you ever do not accept these Terms and Conditions, then you must refrain from using our website.  Your continued use of this website constitutes your agreement to be bound by these Terms and Conditions (as amended from time to time).  If any of these Terms and Conditions are found to be illegal, void or unenforceable within a jurisdiction, then only that infringing term/s and/or condition/s will be ineffective within that jurisdiction and severed from these Terms and Conditions (within that jurisdiction only)