Wills & Estate Planning for Blended Families

Blended families are steadily becoming the new norm in today’s society. Writing a Blended Family Will and Estate Plan can be a complicated process as there are many legal loopholes that most don’t know of until it’s too late. But ORG Solicitors are here to help you navigate all possible scenarios.

  • We can help you understand your rights in a blended family
  • You can trust us to provide you with honest, valuable advice based on your unique situation
  • We will help you to write an estate plan to protect everyone involved
  • Look at your circumstances in detail to achieve the best possible outcome

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Why choose us to help you with your Blended Family Will & Estate Plan?

Experience In Blended Family Ligitation

Our Estate and Succession Solicitors are reliable, knowledgeable and more than experienced in Blended Family Estate Planning. We can provide peace of mind, trusted advice and support when you need it most.

Represented By Professionals

ORG Solicitors have been helping South East Queenslanders write comprehensive Will & Estate plans since 1932. When you choose us, you’re choosing compassionate professionals you can trust.

Protecting What’s Rightfully Yours

We understand the complexities of protecting your estate and loved ones in a blended family. ORG Solicitors are here to help you navigate all possible scenarios to ensure you get the peace of mind you deserve.

What is a Blended Family Will & Estate Plan?

A blended family is a family consisting of a couple, their shared biological children, and their children from past relationships. This merge may result from separation or divorce but can also result from one spouse passing away and the surviving partner starting a new relationship.

Estate planning is where you legally organise how your assets will be distributed after you pass. Along with superannuation entitlements in blended families, the most significant challenge that blended family couples face when writing a new Will and Estate Plan is the possible conflict of priorities and failing to consider stepchildren’s inheritance rights. For this reason, estate disputes in blended families are not uncommon.

ORG Solicitors can help you to either contest or write complex wills to protect the wishes of the original testator and protect everyone involved.

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