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Consult with O’Connor, Ruddy and Garrett Lawyers to have an experienced conveyance solicitor in Brisbane assist you throughout the sale of your property with a fixed fee for conveyancing. This will ensure you receive all the relevant details and assistance to facilitate the most seamless sales process overall.

Your Contract Preparation with a Conveyance Solicitor in Brisbane.

Our solicitors will review your sale contract in order to best protect your rights. You can rest assured that all legislation has been complied with in the drafting of your contract. You will be well aware of your rights and obligations prior to signing. This service is offered at a fixed fee, which includes any negotiations between the parties.

Your personalised Pre-signing Contract Review is included

Our knowledgeable Conveyance Solicitor(s) will review your contract prior to signing to ensure it reflects what you have agreed. This tailored service will provide crucial information to ensure the contract is signed in your best interests. You will also be able to ask any questions you may have about the unfamiliar process of conveyancing. This service is offered at a fixed fee so you can utilise our solicitors’ knowledge as much as you need. We want you to feel 100% assured in signing off on your sales contract.

Why not contact our team of Conveyance Solicitors in Brisbane, to help you take care of the legalities in taking the next step in your life’s chapter, today?

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At all times operate legally and protect your interests as a seller

  • Assurance that all relevant legislation has been complied with
  • Contract preparation allows for negotiation between the parties whilst pre-signing review gives ultimate peace-of-mind
  • Both the above services are offered with a fixed fee

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    Need a Copy of a Will?

    If you need a copy of a Will and/or are seeking legal advice, the team at O'Connor Rudy and Garrett can assist you. We will contact you to confirm additional details and then organise contacting the required parties to secure a copy of the Will for you.