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O’Connor, Ruddy & Garrett & The Pyjama Foundation

The team at O’Connor, Ruddy and Garrett are very excited to announce we have partnered with the Pyjama Foundation. We have pledged to donate a portion of our profit from every new will to the foundation.

Why – as a father of three young children, aged ten, eight, and four, I understand the importance of having a stable and supportive home life and want my children to have a good education. Although, I understand there are children across Australia who do not have this privilege.

The Pyjama Foundation was founded in 2004 to give children in foster care the opportunity to change the direction of their lives with learning, life skills and confidence.

Founder Bronwyn Sheehan was alarmed at the high statistics that highlighted the poor literacy and numeracy levels of children in care, and how this contributes to a lifetime of disadvantage  www.thepyjamafoundation.com.

The Foundation recruits, screens, trains and supports volunteers (learning mentors) who are matched with a child in care, spending time with them once a week, focusing on learning-based activities. Volunteers read books, play educational games and help children with their homework. Most importantly, the volunteers give children in out of home care a chance to reach their life potential. Children in care have the lowest education outcomes nationally. By improving their learning skills, The Pyjama Foundation is making a positive, life-long impact.

O’Connor, Ruddy and Garrett are excited to get behind such an amazing charity that is having a positive effect on young Australians daily by donating a percentage of every new will we write to the foundation. If we can help young Australian children become the best versions of themselves, its something we are willing to support.

We are so excited to be involved with a charity like the Pyjama Foundation and look forward to a long relationship with Bronwyn and her team of Angels.

Christopher O’Connor
O’Connor, Ruddy & Garrett Solicitors



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