Digital Assets and Estate Planning

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  • Contesting a will or an estate
    Contesting a will or an estate

    The death of a family member is always a difficult time. It can be even more challenging should you feel you have been unfairly provided for or left out of a will.

  • Making a will
    Making a will

    Having a water-tight will and Estate Plan, and getting a grant of probate, is essential to give peace of mind, and security for your loved ones at times of distress and grief.

  • Estate Litigation
    Estate Litigation

    Estate Litigation is becoming increasingly commonplace, especially with Australia’s ageing population. Within the broad umbrella term, are specific legal challenges, contests, and disputes. Learn more about the differences are and how our Brisbane Estate Litigation Lawyers can assist you.

  • Protecting your estate
    Protecting your estate

    Ensure everything you have worked for is secured by a well-considered Estate Plan. Our Wills and Estate Lawyers have experience across a wide range of estate planning; from modest estates to more complex scenarios.

  • Estate Planning for Blended Families
    Estate Planning for Blended Families

    Issues of Estate Planning within Blended Families will often arise when one spouse passes away. Our Blended Family Lawyers can help you to either contest or write complex wills to protect the wishes of the original testator and protect everyone involved.

  • Grant of Probate
    Grant of Probate

    Understanding the process of probate after a loved one has passed can be quite daunting. So speak to our experienced team of Probate Lawyers in Brisbane for your free initial consultation. We are here to guide and assist you from the start to very end of the process.