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What is ‘Elder Law’?

It seems to be a new buzzword, but what actually is it?

As you may guess due to the word ‘elder’ being in the title, elder law focuses on the rights and responsibilities of aged persons.  It’s not a specific specialisation of law, but rather comprises a number of other areas of law which are particularly relevant to aged persons, generally including the following practice areas:

  1. Estate planning (such as wills, enduring powers of attorney and advance health directives);
  2. Retirement planning;
  3. Aged pensions;
  4. Retirement villages and aged-care villages; and
  5. Aged care.

Australia has an aging population, and with that aging population, elder law has developed to meet the requirements and the circumstances unique to those people, often including a tailored approach to dealing with the issues important to aged clients.  This can include a collaborative approach between elder clients, their lawyers and other advisors, and medical professionals, to provide a wholistic solution to a large variety of concerns to clients.

Retirement, retirement planning, and general aging issues may prompt consideration of your legal affairs as you move through life.  Please contact us for a brief telephone discussion to see how we can assist you in any legal issues arising through this process, and relieve you of some of the anxieties it may create.

This publication is for information only and is not legal advice. You should obtain advice that is specific to your circumstances and not rely on this publication as legal advice. If there are any issues you would like us to advise you on arising from this publication, please let us know.

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