It's a common misconception that Superannuation entitlements are included in your Estate. In this video, ORG Solicitors Director Christopher O'Connor explains Superannuation entitlements in the context of Blended Families and Estate Planning.

Protect your wealth by having a will and estate plan that is structured and drafted in accordance with your wishes. We, at ORG Law, ensure that your assets are protected and passed to whom you want.

In a world of cryptocurrency and other online assets, understanding the importance of Digital Assets and the necessary Estate Planning for them, is crucial. ORG Solicitors make this topic simple and have experience in Digital Asset Estate planning. This video explains what Digital Assets are and provides real-world examples of why Estate Planning is needed.

Queensland's Voluntary Assisted Dying bill have been debated last September 2021 and if passed, it will be available in early 2023. Watch the short video here about the proposed scheme and broader implications for terminally ill persons.

Blended Families can take on many forms. ORG Solicitors understand this and have helped many people successfully bring claims against Estates. In this video, the director of ORG Solicitors Christopher O'Connor identifies the types and causes of Blended Families and why disputes typically occur against their Will and Estate Plans.


Need a Copy of a Will?

If you need a copy of a Will and/or are seeking legal advice, the team at O'Connor Rudy and Garrett can assist you. We will contact you to confirm additional details and then organise contacting the required parties to secure a copy of the Will for you.